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Rutherford Locksmith Inc is a home of professional and certified locksmiths. All of our locksmiths are trained to ensure their expertise in key cutting, re-keying, lock repair, providing new keys, and more. We guarantee our clients to get experienced technicians to assist them anywhere in New Jersey.

Any kinds of locksmith services like residential, commercial, and automotive, we ensure you can get the fastest repair since our local locksmiths are trained. We aim to be the leading company in the locksmith industry that provides excellent solutions to our clients.

We don't only offer repair of locks and replacement of keys but we also provide our clients with security enhancements services. Our company understands the importance of security and this is why our performance is always outstanding.

All of our services are employed with high-quality performance and tools. You can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our service. Repair your locks or replace your broken keys now!

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24/7 Emergency Services

There are instances where we experience emergency problems with our locks and keys. Some of these are issues with home security, car unlocking, and more. These kinds of situations affect your appointments and daily routine which may force you to cancel them.

As we foresee from the locksmith clients, the major disadvantage they face is the time operation of the locksmith companies. They need immediate assistance at around 3 a.m. but the business hours start at 9 a.m. Thinking the situation of people in New Jersey pushed us to pursue and offer 24/7 emergency services.

The service we offer allows our clients to access our assistance at any time of the day. That means we can help them during emergency hours if they call us. Our clients are important to us which is why we are here to aid their security needs.

Rutherford Locksmith Inc is always equipped to rush to your location no matter what kind of locksmith services you need. Our emergency service covers commercial, auto, and residential locksmith solutions. Call our lines and check our other services now!


Residential Locksmith

If you are seeking professional locksmith help for your house locks and keys, all you have to do is call us. We offer a wide range of residential locksmith services like lock replacements, re-key, cut keys, security improvements, and more! We are specialized and skilled in this field so you can rely on our locksmiths.

Houses are important and it provides shelter to you and your family. Once someone will try to break in, your locks are compromised and will put you in danger. You should replace your locks immediately so the intruder cannot access your house on the next attack.

We are a locksmith company that quickly responds to the needs of our clients. We are focused to help by providing necessary residential locksmith solutions. Call us today and we’ll assist you!


Commercial Locksmith

Are you a business owner in New Jersey? Did you ever experience robbery at your establishment? If you can face this kind of dilemma, you should start improving the security measure of your commercial business.

You should employ modern technology on your property to reduce the risk of getting robbed or intruded on. Some of the common latest security systems these days are intercom systems, access control systems, and more. These kinds of measures are high to prevent easy break-ins which can affect your business.

Rutherford Locksmith Inc offers all kinds of lock enhancements, security system enhancements, and repairs for your business. Contact us and get a free estimate with competitive prices of our services.


Automotive Locksmith

Owning a vehicle requires special maintenance, accessories, and deep repair if it has damage. One of the crucial parts of a car that a car owner needs to focus on is the locks and keys. The moment your car keys are lost, and the locks malfunction, your car will be useless.

You should prepare emergency help from a professional locksmith once you experience vehicle locks and keys issues. This is why our company is here to serve you and get you back on track when you have problems with its security. Our expert locksmith can quickly respond to your call at any time.

Our services cover car key replacement, repair transponder key, provide keyless remotes, and all kinds of car keys and locks problems you may encounter. Secure your car by availing of our services. Call us now!


Licensed and Insured

Not all locksmith company provides locksmiths that are licensed and insured. These prove that they are not capable to protect you from any liabilities once some damages and problems occur by the time they perform their services. Before deciding to hire a locksmith, ask them if they are licensed and insured first.

At Rutherford Locksmith Inc, we are not only focusing on the business aspects but we emphasize the importance of our clients. Our locksmiths are all licensed and insured so we can protect you from any accidents from both life and property. Choose us and we’ll provide you with outstanding services to keep you safe!

Fully Trained Professionals

Professional locksmith companies are often recognized due to their fully trained locksmiths. They carry out first-class services that satisfy the needs of their clients. In terms of standards, you will never be wrong in choosing these kinds of companies.

As we go along helping the people in New Jersey, we find out that services are not just delivered but you should provide them with complete excellence and passion. This is why we are careful in the hiring and training process of our locksmiths. An employee is inefficient without proper training and it can make the condition of a lock and a key worse.

At Rutherford Locksmith Inc, we trained our locksmiths to be professional in this field. In this way, we ensure our services have the highest quality. Whether it is a residential, commercial, or auto locksmith, you don’t have to worry as you can rely on all of the issues to them. After the service, they will examine and inspect the locks and keys to ensure it is completely fixed and lasts a long time.

Avail of the services we offer now as we guarantee these are affordable and reliable!

Top-Notch Equipment

The efficiency of services is not only judged by the skills of locksmiths but also the tools and equipment they use. Expertise is useless if you don’t have the necessary things to use to repair a lock and a key. A locksmith should carry and use state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the work is successful.

Our company monitors the equipment that our locksmiths use. We always make sure these are upgraded, new, and high-quality to establish superb services to our clients.

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Who Are We?

Rutherford Locksmith Inc is a leading locksmith company servicing the community of New Jersey. We are a team of professionals that aims to provide an affordable service with high quality.

From our years of experience, we understand the problems of our clients and how we can help them efficiently. We don’t stop in improving all of the divisions of our company as we always listen to the feedback of our clients. We use their feedback as a foundation on what to enhance and fix. With that, our company strives to be one of the leading locksmith service providers in New Jersey.

Our services cover quick response, 24/7 emergency services, insured and licensed locksmiths, top-notch equipment, and more. These factors are the major characteristics that ensure our clients choose the right locksmith to hire. Their protection and satisfaction are always on top of our priority.

Rutherford Locksmith Inc is your locksmith partner as we will rush at your aid anywhere you are located in the state. We have mobile locksmiths to send to you. If you are seeking immediate assistance and want to know more about us, call our lines, and our customer services representatives will cater to you.


Replacing your locks if you lost your keys is always a good choice to ensure your security. You don’t where did you leave your keys so other people might pick it up and know you are the one who dropped it. They will have the access to your house or car if that will happen. 

In the case that you misplace your keys and you can’t find them is the same thing as you lost your keys. You should replace your locks the soonest to prevent break-ins. Rutherford Locksmith Inc offers lock changes and key replacements at a competitive price.

Key broken in the locks is a common locksmith problem. This can occur in your car ignition, office doors, or house locks. Don’t immediately apply your ways to remove it or just break it unless you’re in a hurry and there’s an incident or accident inside.

Locksmiths can help you extract the broken key stuck in your locks. A professional locksmith like us can immediately assist you. Our locksmiths are skilled to apply the solutions needed and save your locks from being completely useless or broken.

Rutherford Locksmith Inc is 24/7 open and we can serve you if you can’t enter your house due to stuck broken keys in the middle of the night. Call us and our mobile locksmith will go to your place.

One of the common strategies that burglars and robbers use is locks bumping. This method allows them to enter your property without showing any signs of break-ins or forced entry. If your business establishment is supported by cylinder locks, you are vulnerable to intrusions. You better change it now to prevent it from happening.

Rutherford Locksmith Inc can help in the replacements of your locks at any time.

The majority of professional locksmiths can make a key from a lock without the original key. One method is code-cracking which is the process of cracking the code of the lock to open it. Meaning, you need to open it by finding the correct code. As for the lock impressions, use a blank key to insert in the lock so that it will leave an impression on the blank key. The impression will be filed to create a new key.

You can have one key for all of the locks in your house. It helps you from losing other keys which is dangerous and may put your security at risk. If you are a person who doesn’t want to carry a lot of keys, you can avail yourself of master key systems services to employ this to your house. As your trusted locksmith service provider in New Jersey, we assure you avail of the most reliable master key system in town. Call us for more info!
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Are you looking for a professional locksmith to help you around New Jersey? Rutherford Locksmith Inc is ready to serve you with complete residential, commercial, auto locksmith services at an affordable price. Call us and get a free estimation now!

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